Why adding a second customer display could increase your average basket size

26th May 2014
by Richard Coyle
Director, VME Retail

Second display

Did you know that you can add a second display to the tills to replace the two-line display, enabling you to run full screen advertising?

Adding an additional compatible display allows you to run full screen advertising, as well as displaying transaction details to the customers.

These can be configured to display compatible images, slideshows, and videos, allowing you to run your own adverts, or even sell advertising to third parties.

Details of items purchased, subtotals, change due etc are displayed for the customer's benefit, just like they would be on the two-line display.

The image shown here shows an example of the new-style customer display layout, which optionally replaces the existing customer display layout.

Please post in the general section of your customer forum if you would like further details.

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