Emailing till receipts

2nd February 2016
by Richard Coyle
Director, VME Retail

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Emailing till receipts is a great new feature we’re really excited about, now available in IntelliStore v2.29.

You now can email receipts to your customers, instead of printing them at the point of sale.

Once you’ve switched this function on, the POS will prompt at the end of the transaction, “Email receipt?”. It will then email the receipt to the email address held on file for that customer. It works for customer accounts, or membership schemes where your customer scans their personal loyalty card as part of the transaction.

Note the prompt will only appear for customers that have email addresses on file.

The functionality requires IntelliStore Back Office Extra to be installed, where the setup, actual sending of emails, viewing email history, dealing with failed emails etc is handled.

We did consider offering this function for your customers without loyalty cards, but that would mean a massive slow down at the POS while the operator typed in an email address. If this is of interest, please get in touch and we’ll consider it in a future release of IntelliStore.

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