Intellistore v2.31.1 released

27th October 2015
by Richard Coyle
Director, VME Retail


IntelliStore POS version 2.31.1 was released on 27th October 2015.

On 29th October 2015 Branch charging version 2.31.1 was released, and on October 30th 2015 Back Office extra version 2.31.1 was released.

IntelliStore POS

127781: Credit limit problem with multiple customer account tenders
Credit limit checking now takes into account partial credit account tenders already performed within the current transaction.

130262: Apportionment incorrect
The POS now apportions savings correctly when a trigger group is flagged as reusable and a custom apportionment is set up.

131248: Paypoint receipts on 2.30.8 on Wave don't print logo
The Paypoint receipt images can now be printed on the TCX Wave till.

132484: Pump buttons dont work on Paypoint form when using new Doms Fuel mode
The authorise all and emergency stop buttons on screens other than main fuel screen now work as expected when using the new DOMS fuelling mode.

133043: Gift Card Top Up Invalid Card
Gift card top ups will no longer always return unrecognised card.

Branch Charging

135176: Acc/Rec report supplier breakdown not working
Fixed the issue where supplier breakdown wasn't working due to the way supplier codes were being referenced in the query.

Back Office Extra

134116: BoE Query Index Improvements
TradingDate now queried on rather than TransactionDateTime.

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