VME Retail have been trading since 1988; over 27 years.

We work exclusively in the FMCG sector; dedicated to convenience stores and supermarkets.

We write and sell our own software, called IntelliStore. Its designed specifically for the needs of convenience stores and supermarkets and consists of a till, back office and head office application.

Our existing customers range from 300+ store organisations to single lane independent retailers, and everywhere inbetween. If you run a convenience store or supermarket, VME's IntelliStore is the right software for you.

Richard Bridges
Account Executive, VME Retail

Richard started working in a Clydebank Co-op store, and quickly progressed up to management level. The CEO of Clydebank Co-op actually recommended Richard join VME so he could use his skills to benefit lots of other retailers.

Richard heads up VME's account management team, looking after customers both old and new. He enjoys meeting new customers and teaching them how to use IntellIStore to improve their businesses.

Richard Coyle
Director, VME Retail

Richard has been a director of VME since 2004. He started as a software developer in 2000 and now looks after the entire software development team.

He has worked in Retail IT almost all of his working life, so customers and suppliers aside consider him a 'guru' on using software to solve retailer's problems.

Callum Wilson
Sales Development Executive, VME Retail

Callum is the newest employee of VME and is heavily involved in the shaping of VME’s sale strategy and he has embraced this brilliantly. Callum has over 10 years of experience working with customers face to face and over the telephone to better understand their needs and is able to utilise IntelliStore software to highlight news ways in which customers can maximise profits and reduce their day to day costs.

Stephen Gill
CEO & CTO, VME Retail

Stephen started working with Scotmid Co-op in 1995, having an IT background. He joined VME Retail in 1999, and led a management buy out in 2004. Since then, he has worked hard with VME's customers to help them improve their margins and reduce unnecessary admin functions.

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